5 International Symposium on Biomechanics in Sports (1987)

Table of Contents

Athens, Greece, 1987
L. Tsarouchas, J. Terauds, B. A. Gowitzke, L. E. Holt (Editors)



H. Nishizono, H. Shibayama, T. Izuta, K. Saito
Noninvasive Use of Heart Rate or Stride Pattern as Compared to the Use of Blood Lactate for the Determination of Anaerobic Threshold
S. P. Tokmakidis, L. A. Leger
Energy Cost and Stride Pattern Variability of Elite Runners on the Treadmill
S. P. Tokmakidis, L. Leger, L. Tsarouchas
H. Kilani, D. Too, M. J. Adrian
Biomechanical Movement Analysis Regarding the Aspect of Energy Input
G. Hochmuth
V. Bachev, A. Tsvetkov, K. Boichev
R. Green, W. Cryer, B. Bangerter, K. Lewis, J. Walker
Problems of the Biomechanical Analysis of the Rowing Technique in Real and Test Conditions
R. Christov, S. Ivanov, R. Christov
C. J. Duchesnes, R. Borres, L. Lewillie, M. Riethmuller, D. Olivari
R. Rodano, G. C. Santambrogio
Evaluation of Movement in Sport by Means of Vectograms
R. Rodano
Effect of Starting Angle on Isokinetic Torques
M. V. Narici, M. D. Sirtori, P. Mognoni
L. M. Raitsin, B. I. Prilutsky
J. Nazarewicz, T. Bober, E. Jaskolski
E. Barrey

Modelling / Simulation

M. E. Ridgway, J. D. Wilkerson, C. J. Pope
L. Oddsson
A. Okamoto, S. Sakurai, Y. Ikegami, K. Yabe
K. Jelen, P. Hoffman, M. Ptacek, L. Stolc
The Tempo of the Universe Related to Performance in Sports
S. Plagenhoef
Computational Asoects of 3-dimensional Kinematic Analysis
V. Kohl
Hints on Computer Processing of Biomechanical Data
P. Susanka
The Theoretical Problems of Information Transfer by Means of Three Dimensional Biomechanics Cinematography
P. Susanka, J. Böswart, A. Boruvka
Problems in the Computerization of Sports Biomechanics Research
K. Boichev, R. Damianova, V. Bachev, A. Tsvetkov, M. Galov, O. Tishinov
H. Hatze
Mathematical Correction of the Seismic Wave Propagation
J. Böswart


Injuries / Rehabilitation

The Effect of Strength Training on Old Cruciate Ligament Injuries
Y Tegner
J. Morley, A. McDonnel, H. M. Underwood
H. Inaba, M. Arai, W. Watanabe
G. P. Rontoyannis, G. Pahtas, D. Dinis, N. Pournaras

Equipment / Instrumentation

R. J. Best, R. M. Bartlett
The Aerodynamics of Javelin Flight-A Re-Evaluation
R. M. Bartlett

Coaching and Sports Activities

S. Yamamoto, A. Sonoshita, H. Yamamoto
M. E. Ridgway, N. Hamilton
Ch. Kotzamanidis, Ch. Papadopoulos, A. Giavroglou
S. Sakurai, Y. Ikegami, K. Yabe
Y. Naoe, H. Yamamoto
T. Ando, H. Yamamoto
Z. Masic
W. Sliwe, E. Ziobro, E. Chlebicka
Biomechanical Classification of Judo Throwing Techniques (Nage Waza)
A. Sacripanti
A. Barabas, Gy. Fabian
The Use of Mechanical Power Analysis in Understanding and Coaching Sport Skilis: Sprinting
V. Vardaxis, T. B. Hoshizaki
S. Otahal
G. W. Marino, R. T. Hermiston, T. B. Hoshizaki
V. D. Baltzopoulos, D. A. Brodie
Evaluation of the Efficient Motion in the Running Long Jump
S. Fukashiro
Comparison of the Glide and the Rotation Technique in the Shot Put
J. Stepanek
C. Papadopoulos, A. Giavroglou, P. Saraslanidis, L. Tsarouchas