The Influence of Judo Special Training on Spinal Shape Changes


  • W. Sliwe
  • E. Ziobro
  • E. Chlebicka


In a formation of the posture in humans, a significant role is attributed to the spine curves and position of pelvis. Many authors stress the relation between inclination of the pelvis and position of the spine and its curvatures. Apart from this anatomo-biomechanical relation in which the role of the abdominal muscles tension should not be omitted, the effect of training overpressure on the spine is also well recognized. In some sport disciplines, specificity of training exerts marked effect on the anterio-posterior spine curvatures. Increase of the thoracic kyphosis or lumbar lordosis may produce typical overloading and degenerative phenomenon and may become a source of pain. On the other hand, decrease of the anterio-posterior spine curvatures may reduce the shock-absorbing function, resistance to force as well as the protection of the central nervous system against microshocks and traumas. The purpose of the present investigation was to examine the anterio-posterior spine curvatures in the representatives of the track sports.






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