Biomechanical Analysis on Shooting Capability of an Elite Japanese Junior Female Team Handball Athlete


  • S. Yamamoto
  • A. Sonoshita
  • H. Yamamoto


It is well-known that Team Handball had its origin as early as 1900 in Germany, and that Japanese Team Handball was introduced in 1926, and became part of school education. But, in Japan, we are more familiar with Baseball rather than Team Handball. For example, numerous number of Baseball population has existed in Japan, many elite athletes of Baseball are growing up and Japanese Baseball level closed to the World level, so far. On the other hand, Japanese Team Handball doesn't reach the World level. At Los Angeles Olympic in 1984, Male National Team won only the tenth place. Female National Team vied with China and Korea for the title of Olympic, but in vain. For example, as far the maximal oxygen uptake as one of the best criteria of endurance capability in Sports and exercise. Kobayashi, et al. (1979) reported that maximal oxygen uptake in Female National Team Handhall Team in Japan was 3.14 l/min. And also, there are many of studies conducted on Team Handball Athlete. But there have been only few scientific studies dealing with Female High School Athlete. A top level High School Team got successive 16 times Japan Inter High School Championship since its foundation so far, and this Team also won the championship last year. The purpose of this study was to investigate shooting capability of subject Tomoe Hayashi (T.H.), an extremely excellent and elite Japanese Junior Female Team Handball Athlete from physiological and kinesiological aspect.




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