Foot Biomechanics in the Normal Horse: A study of the Hoof Force Distribution in the Forelimb with a New Measuring Method


  • E. Barrey


The foot of the horse is a complex organ which is frequently responsible for lameness. As Leach and Crawford (1983) stated earlier, more knowledge is necessary to consider applications in orthopedics, therapeutics, farriery, racetrack design, the choice of the racetrack surface and the selection of athlete horses. The purpose of this study was to determine the normal distribution of the vertical hoof forces on the forelimb at the walk and trot. The ground reaction force was studied especially using force plates [Leach and Dagg (1983), Dalin and Jcffcott (1985)]. For the foot biomechanics analysis, it has been preferred to develop a new measuring instrument: a force measuring hipposandal derived from the device used by Marey (1894), Bjorck (1958), Frederick (1967) and Frederick and Henderson (1970). This paper presents the first application of this Horse Force Measuring System (HFMS).