System for Biomechanical Study and Simultaneous Improving of the Rowing Cycle


  • V. Bachev
  • A. Tsvetkov
  • K. Boichev


Studies of the biomechanical characteristics of the rowing cycle began at the end of the past and the beginning of the present century: I. Stock, 1860, W. Gud, 1889, C. Atkinson, 1896, Lefevre I Pailliote, 1904, Alexander, 1927. In more recent time, the biomechanical characteristics, the factors constituting the technical skill of the oarsman and their relation to the physical and the psychological conditioning of the competitor were examined by A. Tsvetkov, K. Boichev, T. Tonev, 1976, T. Ischico, 1976, E. Schneider, 1977, 1979, T. Asami, 1977, 1981, A. Dalmonte, 1979, V. Zatsiorski, N. Jakunin, 1980, F. Angst, 1982, E. Bachert, 1982, V. Mihailov, 1984, F. Nolte, 1985, A. Tsvetkov, V. Bachev, 1986. 1987. The studies and the applied experience accumulated, allow to formulate an algorithm for carrying out complex up to date investigations and to utilize the results obtained.