Computer Technology in the Biomechanical Analysis of Bar-Bell Lifting Motion Structures


  • K. Jelen
  • P. Hoffman
  • M. Ptacek
  • L. Stolc


An improper selection of muscle-building exercises or a technically poor execution of an exercise frequently leads to an inadvertent loading of the motion system of man, to injuries, to a poorer resulting achievement, or to a deceleration of the expected performance growth, to a disturbed dynamic stereotype and -last but not least-to motivation losses. In order to be able to cope with the problems outlined above, it was necessary to create a data collection and processing system for speedpower and technical parameters realized on a bar-bell. The information thus obtained allows for assessing a weight-lifter's performance in qualitative and quantitative terms, using a set of pre-defined criteria. Consequently, prerequisites for describing and correcting potential mistakes in an executed exercise, as well as for its optimization and economization, are provided.