Complex Investigation of Successful Weightlifting Exercises


  • A. Barabas
  • Gy. Fabian


The examination of weightlifting movements has great significance in the contemporary research of training methodology from a number of aspects. One must mention here that -on the one hand, weightlifting is a separate field of sports, as a result, the examination of its movements contributes to the enrichment of the knowledge accumulated by the specific theories of various fields of sports; -on the other hand, weightlifting, is «the lifting of a weight» is the most widely used method in the process of developing different abilities in all fields of sports. Of course, the technical exercises used in competition, and those used in developing different abilities, are by no means equal. It is, however, beyond doubt, that the efficiency of both training and competitive performance can be increased only by biomechanical perfect, properly executed exercises.






Coaching and Sports Activities