Ladies' Javelin: Aerodynamics, Flight Simulation and Biomechanical Considerations


  • R. J. Best
  • R. M. Bartlett


The javelin event, using both men's old and new rules javelins, has been reported in the literature from various aspects including biomechanical studies (e.g. 1,2), aerodynamics (3), and computer modelling (4, 5, 6,7,8). However, consideration of the ladies' event, from the latter two aspects, has not previously been reported. If the flight of a javelin can be accurately simulated then it is possible to find, for any individual, an optimum set of release conditions which produce a maximum range. In previous papers, the authors have reported data for the aerodynamics (9) and computer simulation of javelin flight (10) for the men's new rules javelin. This paper presents the results of wind tunnel tests of the ladies' javelin, a consequent computer flight simulation of this implement and the implications for the biomechanics of the event.






Equipment / Instrumentation