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Vol. 26 (2022): Proceedings of Sinn und Bedeutung
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Published: 2022-12-22


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Sinn und Bedeutung is a major European conference, devoted to formal semantics and pragmatics as well as neighbouring fields. The first installment took place in Tübingen in 1996, initiated by Arnim von Stechow and Sebastian Löbner. The papers of the conference have been made available in proceedings since SUB 6 in 2002, Osnabrück.
In an ongoing initiative, the proceedings are being put online and maintained at the University of Konstanz, starting from SuB 22 (2017, Berlin) and adding earlier and further issues by and by. All issues are also available at a SuB site (Gesellschaft für Semantik) maintained by Emar Maier, whom we warmly thank for his efforts in archiving the proceedings. All issues are also available at the SemanticsArchive. The copyright for articles remains with the individual authors.

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