• Markus Gruber
  • Jürgen Edelmann-Nusser
  • Herald Seelig
  • Albert Gollhofer
Keywords: archery, holding-area, aiming-stability, on-target-trajectories


In Olympic archery the aiming process is considered less important than in pistol or rifle shooting. For this reason the coaches restrict the training mostly to the moment of release which is considered to have a high impact on the shooting result. However it can be assumed that a precise and stable logging of the target may lead to an improved shooting score. We developed a system to measure this motion that is also easy to handle in training by athletes and coaches. For scientific research we were able to measure the ontarget- trajectories by filling the system on the archers own bow. Over 1000 shots of the complete German Junior-team and the complete German National-team have been analysed. The members of the National-Team showed significant smaller holding areas and a significant higher shooting score. Individual analysis revealed no dependency of the result on the stability of targeting in the Junior National-team but 7 archers out of 9 showed that dependency in the National- team. A stable aiming process seems to be an important parameter in Olympic archery on international level.