Dealing with Alternatives


  • Lucia M. Tovena



Traditionally, pure additive particles and scalar additive particles are both characterised by an existential presupposition. They differ insofar as the set of alternatives that is built is unordered for the former, and ordered for the latter, which carry the so-called scalar presupposition. As a result, the two characterisations cannot be cumulated, an impossibility that is at odds with the fact that several languages exhibit this combination of readings for a single item. The discussion of Italian neanche ‘(n)either/(not) even’, an item that can both be additive and scalar, allows us to expose the connection between the oppositions nonordered vs ordered set of alternatives and verified vs accommodated existential presupposition by adding content to the traditional view that the set of alternatives is made up of ‘relevant’ items in the context. The question of how to characterise this item is set against the backdrop of a more general discussion of the network of additive particles found in Italian.




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Tovena, L. M. (2019). Dealing with Alternatives. Proceedings of Sinn Und Bedeutung, 10(2), 373–388.