Anankastic Conditionals and Salient Goals


  • Janneke Huitink



In this paper I evaluate two recent analyses of anankastic conditionals, the designated goal analysis by von Fintel and Iatridou (2004) and the modal base restriction account of Penka, Krasikowa and von Stechow (2004). I will show that both theories make the wrong predictions in scenarios with multiple non-conflicting goals. To solve the problem, I propose that ordering sources select salient goals from the context of utterance. For anankastic conditionals the ordering source selects the goal described in the if-clause. At the end of this paper I present some arguments against the recent analysis of anankastic conditionals as counterfactuals by von Stechow, Krasikowa and Penka (2004).




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Huitink, J. (2019). Anankastic Conditionals and Salient Goals. Proceedings of Sinn Und Bedeutung, 9, 140–154.