Proper names as rigid presuppositions


  • Emar Maier



Since Kripke introduced rigid designation as an alternative to the Frege/Russell analysis of referential terms as definite descriptions, there has been an ongoing debate between ‘descriptivists’ and ‘referentialists’, mostly focusing on the semantics of proper names. Nowadays descriptivists can draw on a much richer set of linguistic data (including bound and accommodated proper names in discourse) as well as new semantic machinery (E-type syntax/semantics, DRT, presupposition-as-anaphora) to strengthen their case. After reviewing the current state of the debate, I argue for a referentialist semantics that incorporates some modern insights from the side of the descriptivists in order to account for the new data in a principled fashion.




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Maier, E. (2019). Proper names as rigid presuppositions. Proceedings of Sinn Und Bedeutung, 11, 418–432.