On the (non-)cumulativity of cumulative quantifiers


  • Luka Crnič


This paper investigates some differences between partitive and non-partitive count quantifiers with respect to their ability to participate in cumulative readings and their compatibility with collectively interpreted mixed main predicates. An analy- sis of quantification is adopted in which a quantifier takes an individual as its first argument. The type of this individual argument together with some independent assumptions is argued to be responsible for the observed data. The analysis is sub- sequently expanded to a related set of facts concerning partitive and non-partitive mass quantifiers: their (in)compatibility with non-homogeneous main predicates.


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Crnič, L. (2019). On the (non-)cumulativity of cumulative quantifiers. Proceedings of Sinn Und Bedeutung, 14, 117–133. Retrieved from https://ojs.ub.uni-konstanz.de/sub/index.php/sub/article/view/463