Metaphorical measure expressions


  • Peter R. Sutton
  • Hana Filip
  • Todd Snider
  • Mia Windhearn



We present an analysis of measure phrases such as heap/ounce of information in which the measure expression receives a non-literal, metaphorical interpretation. We present evidence that these metaphorical measure expressions, as we call them, exhibit a puzzling in- complete countability pattern insofar as their grammatical reflexes fall between count and mass nouns. We show that nouns/NPs with such an incomplete countability pattern are predicted by, and are easily captured within, the theory of the count/mass distinction presented in Sutton and Filip (2019b, 2020).




How to Cite

Sutton, P. R., Filip, H., Snider, T., & Windhearn, M. (2022). Metaphorical measure expressions. Proceedings of Sinn Und Bedeutung, 26, 824–844 .