• Antonio Martinez
  • Pedro Pérez
  • Javier Gámez
  • Juan Carlos González
  • Lirios Duenas
  • Roberto Ferrandis
Keywords: soccer, earth pitch, comfort, pressure, footwear, injuries


The footwear used for soccer practise on earth pitches requires different characteristics from the one used on other surfaces. There are no studies focussed on this type of footwear. The study presented has two main objectives; on the one hand knowing the problems related to the footwear used nowadays on earth pitches and on the other hand, generate suitable criteria for this type of footwear. User panels and surveys about epidemiology were carried out. The comfort perceived by footballers with different footwear models was valued, as well as the analysis of the plantar pressures in this footwear using the plantar pressures measuring equipment Biofoot/IBV. The results allowed to identify the most valuable aspects of this footwear; sprain of ankle and knee are the most frequent injuries, and the 1st and 5th metatarsian are the zones that undergo the highest magnitude of pressures with the analysed soccer footwear for earth pitches.