Effect of Aquatic Exercise on Foot Pressure Balance and Posture Stability in Elderly Women

  • Sung-Sun Kang
  • Jai-Jeong Kim
  • Jae-Moo So
Keywords: aquatic exercise, elderly women, foot pressure balance, posture stability


The purpose was investigate the foot pressure balance and body posture stability in elderly women. Sixteen elderly women participated in this study (mean age:72.63۬~79.38ۭ.46yrs, mean BMI: 25.03۬.83~27.99۬.78). They were divided into two groups (aqua exercise group, n=8, control group, n=8). Participants were tested before and after the study to measure foot pressure balance, body posture stability and advanced balance ability(limits of stability) were measured Biorescure(RM Ingenierie Co, France) which has % quarterly sector(RF, LF, RB, LB). Aqua exercise training program was performed for 50minutes per session, 3times per week for 12weeks. Data was analyzed with ANOVA for repeated measures, t-test using SPSS ver 19.0 program. Aquatic exercise considered a senior citizen fall prevention and improved quality of life.
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