• K.A. Ball
  • R.J. Best
  • S. Dowlan
  • D. Brown
Keywords: golf, weight transfer, swing styles, cluster analysis


The aim of this study was to determine if weight transfer swing styles exist in the golf swing. 40 golfers performed swings using a driver while standing on two force plates. Centre of pressure, used to indicate weight transfer, was normalized to foot position and quantified at eight swing events. Cluster analysis indicated that two major swing styles existed; a Front Foot style and a Reverse style. Both styles were similar from Takeaway to Early Downswing. Then, while the Front Foot group moved weight towards the front foot during the downswing, the Reverse group moved weight back towards the back foot. In the heel to toe direction, the Front Foot group hit from a mid-foot position, while the Reverse group hit with weight near the toes at ball contact. Cluster analysis is a useful tool for identifying different styles.