Influence of Step Length and Cadence on the Sharing of the Total Support Moments Between the Lower Limbs During Level Walking

  • Chien-Chung Kuo
  • Shih-Wun Hong
  • Jia-Da Li
  • Tung-Wu Lu
Keywords: Gait analysis, Walking speed, Support moment


The current study aimed to investigate the effects of walking speed on the inter-limb sharing of whole body support in terms of total support moments (Ms) during walking. A multiple linear regression model was conducted to explore the relationship between gait speed in terms of step length and cadence, and the difference of the first and second peaks of the Ms (DMs) during walking. The DMs were found to increase with either increased step length or cadence. Walking with greater speed relied more on the leading limb to provide support for the forward progression of the body. In addition, variations of gait speed parameters affected the load-sharing pattern between the lower limbs during weight transfer of walking. Gait speed parameters have to be taken as covariates when analysing the coordination of the kinetics between lower limbs.
Coaching and Sports Activities