• Danny P.K. Chu
  • Bai-ming Zhang
  • Kenneth Mau
Keywords: tenpin bowling, kinematic


The objective of this study was to profile the elite level tenpin bowlers in delivery technique and to compare any difference between male and female bowlers. Twelve bowlers (seven males and five females) were filmed using a JVC GY-X2 video camera (50Hz) to capture the sagittal movement plane of the bowlers starting from the third last stride to the ball released of the bowlers. Then the selected video materials were processed by the Peak Motus System to produce co-ordinates for selected body landmarks. There were significance differences between the male and female bowlers in toe foul line, arm swing at release, and hip shoulder wrist angle. Moreover, the pace and the stepping pallern of the footwork could help to establish a better timing, balance, and strong finish.