• Jurgen Sperlich
  • John Baker
Keywords: canoeing biomechanics, force, race analysis, kinematics, power


Top level performance in elite sport requires a sound systematic approach not only to training, but also to the sciences that support the sport. Lenz (1994) asserted that the most successful sporting associations in international sport are those that utilise a scientifically based system for research and performance analysis. The intention of this paper is to provide: 1. a brief overview of the development of biomechanical testing and research in Olympic canoeing disciplines; 2. an outline of on-water biomechanical testing in Olympic canoeing and the interpretation and application of the data; and 3. specific force and power measurements in resistance training for canoeing. The emphasis will be on the application of the testing and results and how it is used to improve performance. The information will draw on both published literature and the experience of the authors.