Inter Limb Asymmetry in Athletic Groin Pain and Rugby Union Players

  • Shane Gore
  • Brendan Marshall
  • Chris Richter
  • Andrew Franklyn-Miller
  • Marit Undheim
  • Kieran Moran
  • Eanna Falvey
Keywords: athletic groin pain, rugby union, asymmetry


This study compared levels of inter limb asymmetry between field sports players with athletic groin pain (n=15) and international rugby union players (n=15). Three dimensional kinematics and kinetics were recorded for the single leg drop landing and side cut movement. A series of t-tests identified significantly (p<0.05) greater asymmetry in hip abduction-adduction moments for the rugby union group during the single leg drop landing task. All other variables were non-significantly different between the groups examined. These results suggest that asymmetry may not be an important factor in the examination of athletic groin pain. Future studies should investigate if asymmetrical abduction-adduction hip moments are a risk factor for injury in rugby union.