• Heidi Orloff
  • Mandy Warner
  • Bryson Nakamura
Keywords: vertical force, medial/lateral force, valgus


The purpose of this study was to compare men’s and women’s landing kinetic and kinematic parameters during plyometric jumps. 22 females and 7 males performed jumps from three heights while being videoed in the sagittal and frontal planes of motion. Force data for the right foot were also recorded. Maximal hip, trunk, knee, ankle and valgus angles were recorded, as well as peak vertical, medial/lateral forces and total contact time. Women land in a more upright posture with significantly more valgus than men. Peak vertical forces did not differ between the sexes, but mean maximal medial/lateral forces were higher in the females. Box height was not a factor in kinematic results, but the medium box showed significantly lower medial/lateral forces in both sexes. The men spent significantly less time in contact with the ground.