• Filipe Conceição1 Conceição
  • João Peralta
  • Susana Martins
  • Leandro Machado
  • Filipa Sousa
  • Pedro Gonçalves
  • Paulo Colaço
  • J.P. Vilas-Boas
  • José Augusto Santos
  • João Carvalho
Keywords: Jumps, Approach Run, Take-off, Velocity, Forces


A setup for assessing the performance obtained in horizontal jumps has been described. One of the main challenges is to provide meaningful and timely information to elite athletes. This assessment program started in 2007 with some of the best jumpers and combines kinematic and dynamic information. Results obtained allowed to identify the weaknesses and the mechanisms that determine the performance as well as design remarks to provide support to the athletes. Values obtained are in agreement with those described in the literature for elite athletes. The purpose of this work was to develop a programme to assess the strategies adopted by horizontal jumpers during different jump phases to obtain a more effective and efficient performance.