Relationship between reaction Time And Onset of The Muscle Activation During Drop Landing


  • R. Sasaki
  • Y. Urabe
  • Y. Yamanaka
  • T. Akimoto


reaction time, the timing of muscle activation, jump landing


Quickness is one of very important factors for athletes in sporting activities. Measuring reaction time reflects how quickly they can move by contracting associated muscles. Reaction time consists of the pre-motor time, as the time from stimulus input to the onset of the muscle activation, and the motor time, as the time from the onset of the muscle activation to the point of body motion begun. In 2004, Demont et al. were reported that a neuromuscular feed forward process as measured by preactivation of the muscle to stabilize joints dynamically during drop landing. This contributed to prevent injuries. Both time of pre-motor and preactivation were the muscle activities that occur before the body motion begins. The purpose of this study was to clarify the relationship between reaction time and onset of the muscle activity during drop landing.




Coaching and Sports Activities