• H. Sørensen
  • M. Thomassen
  • M. Zacho
Keywords: soccer, goalkeeper


Although the soccer goalkeeper often plays a decisive role in the outcome of a match, research on the goalkeeper’s actions or the qualities required of a top class goalkeeper is scarce. With this study we attempted to define a biomechanical profile of the goalkeeper. We tested whether the skill level of 6 goalkeepers, determined by the league they played in, correlated with a number of biomechanical tests. The tests were devised as standardized measurements of typical goalkeeper actions; they comprised various jumps, a short sprint and a leg strength measurement. We found no correlation between the goalkeepers’ skill level and their score in any of the tests. Thus, with reservation for the limited number of subjects, we conclude that the measured biomechanical parameters are of minor importance compared to skills as tactical understanding, perception and anticipation.
Coaching and Sports Activities