• T. Pelham
  • A. Carter
  • L. Holt
  • M. Robinson
Keywords: technique, dry-land training, survey


The objective of this study was to describe several common musculoskeletal injuries associated with rowing and attempt to identify contributing factors. In a structured interview case series, 8 (5 males and 3 females) rowers ranging from novice to Olympic competitors were asked specific questions regarding previous sport-related injures and training methods. Results indicated a high prevalence of specific musculoskeletal injuries in rowing. Typical injuries included: lumbar and thoracic back pain, stress fracture of the ninth rib, chondromalacia of the patella and extensor tenosynovitis of the forearm. Heavy weight lifting, especially squats, was found to be an aggravating factor. As well, a warm-up and cool down were not common components of on-water training and considered a contributing factor.