• F. Jia


One-hand over shoulder shot is defined as one of the most important skills in winning shooting scores. Accordingly, it is advisable to have right shooting postures at first and then have reasonable use and mastery of the " best" shooting skill when shooting, the basis of which is on biomechanics. METHODS A. Experiment: with the help of teaching and training B. Investigation: an analysis of the first three best players shooting in the 96-97 National Basketball A-team League: Hu Weidong, Gong and Xiaobin, Liu Yudong. C. Reading Materials: analysis and demonstration of some materials published both at home and abroad. ANALYSIS AND RESEARCH The biomechanical analysis results of the steadiness in one-hand over shoulder shot read as follows: A. Correct shooting postures This involves two aspects: (a) stand posture demonstrated by the coordination of legs, head and body: (b) the posture of the bull-holding hand and arm. B. An analysis of the exercise of strength when shooting: The purposes of the correct use of strength when shooting run as follows: (a) make the full use of arm-stretching strength and exercise on the ball by focusing strength on fingers and wrist. (b) conducive to the flight of the controlled ball and improve batting spot. (c) conducive to the speeding up of shooting. CONCLUSIONS Correct shooting postures cannot only assure reasonable acquisition of mechanical conditions when shooting but also satisfy to the fullest extent the pallial need to set up the corresponding differentialtional spot for which the necessary prerequisite is provided. To standardize players' shooting in a scientific way and train them respectively in the light of their disposition and physique and thereby help them to get a good proprioception. REFERENCES Ching Physical Education Science Physical Education Science Theory, Method in Basketball Training