• Y. Watanabe
  • M. Fujiwara
  • N. Yasuda
  • H. Yamamoto


INTRODUCTION The purpose of this paper was to present materials which can be applied to illustrate the utilization of computer assisted instruction (CAI) through junior gymnastics class in Japan. Data concerning gymnastics skill acquisition will be discussed and a case study of CAI in sports will be shown. This paper will also include various ways in teaching kinesiology and biomechanics through CAI to junior gymnastics class in Japan. METHODS i Subjects were ten schoolgirls belonging to Kanazawa junior gymnastics team and their physical characteristics were height; 1.36 ± 0.09 m, weight 30.30± 5.50 KG, AND AGE, 9.40 ± 1.51 yrs. Each subject participated performing a fundamental gymnastic exercise program for eight weeks in 1996. In this study, software, named "Aim at gold metal: MEZASE KINMEDARU in Japanese", was newly developed with personal computer (PC-9821Xa13, NEC) and applied to teaching gymnastics skill with VTR method. RESULTS It is very new and exciting for the children to see their own performance results on the personal computer and video. Children were interested, and enjoyed practicing. When using the equipment for the first time, the children were uncertain. At first, they seemed to be very embarrassed to take a video of, and to see their own performance. As practice proceeded, children began to take and watch their own videos without the help of the teachers. The use of the personal computer makes the image of the skill very clear and easy. One can see his or her mistakes by watching their performance on video. Then, one can correct mistakes and practice very hard. On video, one can see not only his or her mistakes, but also positive progress. The children took confidence gradually, but the video was unable to show the children the timing and the amount of the strength needed. CONCLUSIONS The following was determined through this research. The utilization of the personal computer and the video can improve performance and prefect one's skills. However, the strength and timing needed can't be understood by the image only. CAI has the capability of increasing a child's desire to improve his or her skills.