• L. Jin
  • X. Jin
  • L. Dang


INTRODUCTION Two curves were about 3.5 times that of the straight track. Bicyclists are mainly in the curves if they keep steady state at high speed racing. Thus we inquired into the law of bicyclists in the cycling track in order to provide theorhetic basis for coaches and bicyclists when they are training. METHODS We mainly studied the curve of track. By formally calculating the horizontal inclination of an orbit we determined if there was interference with riding and deviation of the left and the right and the up and the down. RESULTS AND DISCUSSION Entering into the transitional curve bicyclists have to regulate their gravity from beginning to end to make every effort to adapt the rate of change in acceleration. When they enter the transitional curve lines, they do not generally regulate their gravity but when inertial centrifugal force is larger than the weight of bicyclists and the bike begins passive regulation. If they do not regulate their gravity they possibly fly along cutting line. Because of shortening transitional curve lines, numerical values of acceleration change rate are increased and lead to operating difficulty. If bicyclists' center of gravity is regulated too much they are certain to rush to down along track's counting line. If their center of gravity is regulated too little, they can not compress tightly to the counting line. Because their riding locus is 'S' shape round the counting line, the results are to lose time and ride longer distances to consume energy. An example is if a transitional curve line appears once to sway, regulation losing time is about 0.1 second. The track has four transitional curve lines in a ring losing time is about 1.2 second in 1000 meters time trial. This is only a conservative numeral but general saving is more than three lines. When bicyclists ride from transitional curve line to arc curve, they can lose the movement which acceleration's change rate is constant to regulate nervous emotion to get the players ready for entering back transitional curve line. Time that are curve use was 3 second in Taiyuan and 2.9 second in Peijing. We think 1.5 seconds is enough. After bicyclists pass transitional curve line to enter straight track, centripetal acceleration change gradually zero and curvature radius change gradually infinitely great and on inclination reduce gradually with gravity's regulation. The operating that entering front transitional curve line is opposite. Even velocity of lifting handlebar (gravity's regulation) was gradually changed from slow to fast. RESULT 1. When bicyclist ride on the curve track inclination's regulation [press handlebar] should take tight press counting line everywhere and inclination's change as the standard. 2. Regulation of press handlebar [gravity's regulation] begin slightly fast and gradually reduce in the front \ transitional curve line. Operation of press handlebar's [gravity's regulation] should be comparative equal to distribute whose journey of transitional curve line. 3. Riding in arc curve bicyclists should loose to do change rate of acceleration to be constant's movement free from all inhibitions.