• S. Liu
  • M. Li
  • G. Ning
  • T. Liu


INTRODUCTION In the past, because of differences in selecting parameters, it was difficult for the coaches to determine which athlete had better quality, thus it affected the accuracy of selecting voIleybal1 players. The purpose of this study was to use unified standards of selecting parameters to decide on the quality patterns and evaluating standards of selecting women volleyball players. . METHODS This study chose 240 excellent women volleyball players as the object of study. Based on the statistic analysis of the investigation of these players combined with the biomechanic principle of the volleyball sports and the growing characteristics of women, the selecting targets were determined by using the "Delphi Methods". RESULTS The result of this study was that the reliable objective and effective quantitative standards were established for selecting women volleyball players scientifically by adapting the formulas of The selecting targets were that figure made up 40% function made up 10% sports capacity amounted to 45% and psychology accounted for 5%. CONCLUSIONS The standards worked out in this study provided the objective and quantitative evaluating standards for selecting women volleyball players. They will play an active part in quickening the process and increasing the success of selecting women volleyball players and also offer a series of convenient and practical methods and standards in volleyball players. REFERENCES Fanhui Meng and others (1992) SCIENTIFIC ATHLETES SELECTING Beijing: People's Sports Press
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