• G. Hu
  • W. Huang
  • M. Yu


In recent years, fractal has st@ to stretch into sports. For example, electroencephalogram (EEG) has been applied widely in the study of sport brain fatigue and is a kind of rough fractal curve. The investigator measured the EEGs and their FD values of 30 table tennis players, found that the related dimensions for competitive model players before contest and after one were respectively 2.3 and 2.8, while ones for uncornpetitive model playets were 2.4 and 3.2 The investigator thinks that once the dynamic change of FD values of EEG is monitored, and the functional relationships among an athlete's intelligence, temperament, psychology and FD values are set up, they will not only offer a new selecting method that helps a coach to select athletes more comprehensively, but also will offer an accurate method for a coach to m g eth e best players and effect policy decisions in contests. Besides, the occurrence of epilepsy or sports sudden death can be prevented efficiently by monitoring dynamically the curve and FD values of an athlete's EEG and electrocardiogram. Electromusculargram is also of fractal. This article attempts to link the physical field to fractal theory by introducing the intention, action, and ~ i ~ c a nofc ferac tal, to speed up fractal's permeating the sports science. The importance and value of the fractal study in sports science are also discussed, the new progress about the fractal study and its significance are inquired into, some directions and images of the future fractal study in the field and their uses are also put forward.