Calculation forces from bar movement on parallel bars in gymnastics

  • F. Naundorf
  • K. Knoll
  • S. Brehmer
Keywords: artistic gymnastics, parallel bars, bar movement, forces, dismounts


Modern artistic gymnastics apparatus have elastic properties, which the gymnast should use. It is important to know how a gymnast can give energy to the apparatus, especially to the bar(s) and how the stored energy can be used by the gymnast. The parallel bars were not included in such questions in the research yet. A static calibration at different positions of one bar was utilized as a precondition for the calculation of the forces during gymnastics exercises. Using synchronized 2D-video-analysis of the bar movement and the gymnasts performance (2 cameras) we calculate the forces based on our calibration. Examples of force-time-curves from parallel bars dismounts from German national gymnastics team will be shown. Using force-time-characteristics for supporting motor learning is a difficult task for the future.
Coaching and Sports Activities