• J. Bradley


This talk will discuss the Why? What? and How? of the physiological monitoring of swimming. The goal of any support programme is to enhance swim performance. The role of an exercise physiologist and the impact of exercise physiology in that support programme can be very valuable. The talk will be very practically orientated, illustrated by examples taken from a variety of physiological support programmes including from a successful support team for swimmers preparing for the Paralympic Games in Beijing. The presentation will start by outlining why a coach may want to include physiological monitoring in his/her swimming programme. What does a coach/swimmer do with the results of testing? The rationale behind physiological testing and why certain tests may be used in particular situations will be discussed. Examples of how the results of physiological tests can be interpreted and how they can then be incorporated into the coaching programme to enhance the preparation of swimmers will be shown. With particular reference to the Paralympic preparation programme the talk will present how a physiologist can successfully interact with a swimmer-coach unit and how physiological results can be related to coaching objectives.