• W.S. Erdmann


Analysis of the competitor's movement in a large area was possible with the application of a method based. on positioning of the video-camera high above the pitch and track. In addition:, the camera was equipped with the wide-angle ( 130°) lens (half fish-eye) . This gave the possibility of recording the position of every competitor in the time of the whole sport event. For competitor's displacement during a game side lines of the pitch played a role as a reference system. Half fish- -ye lens gave irregular shape of the pitch on the monitor's screen, so the white tape was put before the event in a position of every 1 m as longitudinal as transversal to the pitch. Every position of the tape was then transferred from the tv monitor onto the transparent foil so the reference grid was obtained. On the other foil the positions of the competitors were marked. By matching two foils their displacement was calculated and then their velocity and acceleration. For the analysis of kinematic quantities for the group of players isochrons, i.e. lines connecting positions of players at the same time, were used. For describing a position of a whole team on the pitch, a mean value and its standard deviation of every team member's position (team point of position) were used. This method was applied in sport games (hand ball, soccer) and is under the preparation for applying in the running events in the track. First results of soccer - first 5 minutes of the match: 1) One player (striker. left wing) - displacement 741 m, mean velocity 2.5 m/s. maximal velocity 7.8 m/s. 2) Action of striking formation after the ball's take-over - highest velocity 5.5 m/s. 3) Team - The mean point of position of the whole team A moved 404 m. while for team B it moved 426 m. Team A attacked twice on the wings, while team B attacked twice through the center of the pitch. Wing the first 5 min. of the match team A was 38 m from its own goal (a mean value), and team B was 51 m from its own goal. There were also similar mean velocities, 1.3 m/s for team A and 1.4 m/s for team B.The maximal velocities were 3.5 and 4.2 m/s respectively. The score for the first 5 min. of the match was 1:O for team B.