• T. Asai
  • T. Akatsuka
  • Y. Kamata


INTRODUCTION Multi-Body System Analysis (Mechanical System Simulation), Finite Element Analysis(FEA), and Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis are typical methods of computational human motion analysis. The purpose of this study is to create a impact model using fluid-strueture interaction technique in FEA, and analyze the impact process of kicking in football. METHODS Six university football players were chosen as the subjects. The experiment of ball-kicking was photographed using the high-speed camera (FASTCAM-ultima), which earl take 4,500 frames per second with 256 X 256 pixels, which was recorded on a VTR. Nine markers for digitizing were attached to the kicking leg of the subjects. The coordinate values were input in the computer by a video-position-analyzer. The ball model of this study is created using Euterian technology. The inside of the ball is defined by a air model which is called Gammer Law. The foot model of that is used Lagrangian technology. This study used explicit time integration codes (MSC/DYTRAN) of FEA. In this type of analysis, fluid forees from the Eulerian mesh load the foot model as the material in the Eulerian mesh flows around the foot. At the same time, the resulting deformation of the foot model influences subsequent fluid forces from the Eulerian mesh. RESULTS An example of a contour plot of pressure on the deformed shape is shown in Figure 1. The stress wave is propagated from the contact surface to the tibia, talus, and toe of the foot. At half impact, high intensity compressive stress is observed in the instep and a high intensity tensile stress is observed in the tibia. The first half of the horizontal velocity of the simulation data is similar to that of the experiment data, but the second half is not very similar to the experiment data. The contact time of the ball and foot of experiment data was 9 msec., that of all solid model was 5 msec., and that of fluid-structure interaction model was 8 msec.. CONCLUSION It is considered that the fluid-structure interaction model of this study will give better approximation to experiment data than the all solid model in kicking simulation using FEA. .....