• D. Xin


The rowing technique is completely analyzed this paper, employing method of theoretical mechanics. Thus quantitive technical indices are determined. We can judge sport standard of athlete by these induces. According to property of rowing, rowboat system is simulated as model composed of six rigid bodies. Stoke angle 1: and slide displacement S are defines as controlled functions, rowing can be described by equations of theorem of momentum and angular momentum in plane domain. The equations are solved In numerical method. Velocity V of rowboat and angle 0 which describe rertically swing of rowboats are obtained and analyzed. Thereby, optimum control- led functions B=fl (t); S=f2(t) are defined. For solving the equations, the parameters related to fluid character and structure of rowboats are measured by experimented method. The parameters of human body are supplied by Hanavan. Based on the results of solving equations, the following conclusion is obtained: square curve \{=fl (t) and cosine curve S=f2(t) are optimum normal curves. Skuller must stoke like that motion of oar and slide follow these curves, he can acquire optimum effect. Comparing normal curmal curves and measuring curves, which describe sport technique of excellent athletes at home and abroad, we can evaluate sport level of athletes. The theoretical conclusion corresponds to feeling of coaches. Conclusion from this paper provides theoretical basis for racing rowing level.