• Jia Ying Zhuo
Keywords: batting mechanism, baseball


The purpose of this study is to improve the batting technique of Chinese baseball athletes through the application of biomechanical analysis. In order to perform successfully, the batting technique of Chinese baseball players requires immediate improvement. The best approach is to improve the traditional batting technique, training methods, and to introduce a new batting mechanism. In practice, batters must emphasize contraction of the muscles around the last joints of arm. The accuracy of batting is of primary importance. The batter starts to swing when the distance between the coming ball and the front line of rubber is about 3.4m. The swinging and batting time should not exceed 0.1s, and the vertical displacement of the gravity of body is near zero during batting. In the instant of contact, the arm is bent and the wrist turns over. These results with the new batting mechanism have been used in practice for more than 3 years, and the feedback from China Baseball Team indicates that the research results have been effective and can be applied easily.
Coaching and Sports Activities