• Shouzhong Zhang
Keywords: handball, explosive force, isokinetic dynamometer


INTRODUCTION: Isokinetic training and dynamometer assessment is extensively used in sports medicine. At the present time, isokinetic training provides an important method for development of muscle strength, explosive force and for recovery of joint and muscle strength after injuries abroad. However, locally, most tests on the joints and muscle strength of athletes have been done by the isokinetic dynamometer system. The subjects that are tested are usually athletes. Differences in muscle strength of males and females were also reported by this method. Therefore, the purpose of this paper was to determine the changing pattern of isokinetic eccentric contractions of the hand ball athletes. The data produced by this study could provide some theoretical framework for coaches and athletes. This will enable those involved to make out a specific strength-training plan based on isokinetic training theory. Application of the results obtained from this study had shown that overall muscle strength of the athletes increased remarkably after winter training especially explosive force of lower extremities.