• R. Buda
  • E. Verni
  • M. Guzzardella
  • E. Montanari
  • S. Giannini
Keywords: ACL, rehabilitation, sports injury


INTRODUCTION: In the past the ACL reconstruction was performed using patellar tendon. This technique involved several advantages like post operative good stability and easy tendon gathering. Nevertheless it causes some disadvantages like pain during the act of kneeling, longer period of rehabilitation because of the tendon stiffness and dysfunction of the patella movement that can provoke patellar-femoral osteoarthritis. This is the reason why a lot of authors tried to find out other techniques that could avoid these complications. We practised the ACL reconstruction using doubled semitendinosus and gracilis tendons because it is demonstrated that they have a biological structure and biomechanical behaviour more similar to normal ACL. In this sense the use of these tendons must include tensibility closer to normal ACL, larger surface of revascularization and low risk of joint stiffness after surgery. The purpose of the present study is to evaluate clinical results using this technique in patients involved both in not professional and professional sports.