• Timothy A. Levendusky
  • C. Douglas Clinger
  • Raymond E. Miller
  • Charles W. Armstrong


Soccer is played extensively throughout the world. As the popularity of soccer increases in America, a development of the teaching and coaching techniques is needed. Despite the increasing amount of soccer literature, the soccer throw-in skill has been understated. Up to date, only a few studies have assessed the throw-in biomechanically (Lueft, 1965; Kline, 1980; Levendusky, 1982) and have provided some descriptive data concerning kinematics and kinetics. The throw-in is a unique throwing motion in that both hands must be used, the ball must come from behind the head forward, and both feet must maintain contact with the ground until release as stipulated by the laws of the game (FIFA, 1977). As a result, the coordination of the upper body movements and the supporting lower body enable a player to throw for longer distances.
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