• Wei-ping Li
  • Fu-shun Cao
  • Zhen-yu Liu
  • Ja Gang
  • Kang Kai
Keywords: large-scale treadmill, simulated training, track speed, max. speed


INTRODUCTION: In order to take a simulated training, make a scientific monitor and make technical diagnoses of biomechanics for the elite middle and long distance runners and walkers , we has developed a 10 meters large-scale treadmill all by itself. METHODS OF MANUFACTURE: 1. The mechanical component adopts frame structure, rolling rub, shaft drive and synthetic surface track. 2. The electrical component adopts speed controller of changing the frequency, computerized programming and manual two-way control. REQUIREMENT OF THE FUNCTION: 1. The track is 1m in width and 10m in length and can hold 4 sportsmen running on it simultaneously. 2. The track speed is controlled by computerized program. The max. speed is 12m/s.Scope of stable speed: 0.7-1.3/ms, infinitely variable speeds, a stable variation of the speed. Accelerated function: 1.2m/s2. 3. The noise is <75db. 4. It has an automatic safety protective device. RESULTS: After the 10 meters treadmill was given some tests by specialists, the results as follows: 1. The track speed can be adjusted from 0 to 10m/s and its max. speed can reach 10m/s. 2. The max. acceleration of the belt is no less than 1.2m/s2 . 3. The running speed of the belt is smooth through many tests. 4. The noise is slightly higher than that of design requirement. 5. The components of automatic and manual control can meet the needs of the design requirement. CONCLUSION: The function of 10 meters large-scale simulated training treadmill is at present quite advanced in the world. Its successful manufacture has provided a new scientific training means for sprinters, middle and long distance runners and walkers. It is easy to carry out biomechanical analysis and other scientific monitors. It has taken a satisfactory step towards the program and simulation of sports training. REFERENCES: Yu-cai, Sun et. al. (1990). The Design and Achievement of the Applied System of Mini PC. The Pub. of South East University of China. The Advanced Course of C Language. The Pub. of Qinghua University of China.