• Mohammed G. Brekaa
  • Mohammed A. Bayoumi
Keywords: biomechanics, multimedia, training, educatio


INTRODUCTION : Biomechanical analysis is that branch of science which involves a description of the position and movement of the body and its parts and the forces acting on them. This analysis may include the energy released or consumed by these parts. On-line analysis means the technique of collecting electronically measured date from an experiment and fed directly into a computer for immediate date processing and result sorting. The idea of an on-line computer system for recording biomechanical date was discussed for 25 years by the Biomechanical Laboratory or Pennsylvania State University [1]. This work and others showed three advantages for the on-line system; fast and accurate measurement and collection of biomechanical data, drastic reduction of processing time for a large number of parameters and finally the possible immediate feedback from the on-line system operator to the subject or the player under analysis. Recent advances in multimedia and the simplicity of handling multimedia packages permit the trainer and coach to efficiently operate on-line biomechanical analysis systems.