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Keywords: athletic training, trabecular bone of lumbar vertebrae, penetration strength


INTRODUCTION: Great static and dynamic load during athletic trainings with weightlifting exercises influence the skeleton, especially spine, of athletes. Some athletes feel pain in lumbar region during such athletic training. Changes in vertebrae bone tissue are mentioned as one of the reasons for pain (1). The osteopenetromethry method has been used for the evaluation of vertebra trabecular bone during the previous years (2,3). The purpose of this study was to examine the changes of vertebra penetration strength (PS) in lumbar region of athletes during the athletic training with weight-lifting exercises using this method. METHODS:120 athletes (aged 18 to 26) from different sports (Tab.1) were examined. We examined PS of 3 to 5 lumbar vertebrae on the 1st, 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th day of athletic training, according to the method described by Logins (3). RESULTS:The PS of lumbar vertebrae of the athlets on the 1st training day was from 4.2 MPa up to 5.1 MPa. On the 7th day of training the decrease from 17% to 35% of the initial value of PS was denoted. According to the level of PS decrease, we conditionally divided the athlets into two groups. The PS of the first group athlets was decreased for 20% of the initial value. The PS decrease of the second group of athlets exceeded 20% of the initial value (Tab.2) [Tab.2.] On the 14th day of athletic training’s the rehabilitation of the initial level of PS of lumbar vertebrae was denoted for the first group athletes and stayed the same during all the time of intensive load (28 days). For the second group of athletes during the time of intensive load the decrease of PS of lumbar vertebrae was denoted up to 2.7±0.38 MPa on the 28th day of athletic training. CONCLUSIONS: The results of our investigation prove that intensive physical load during athletic training’s with weight-lifting exercise of athletes causes changes to the structural organization of vertebral trabecular bone and bone mineral content. If the load exceeds the functional possibilities of spine, the remarkable changes of the vertebral trabecular bone strength take place in 7th day of training. REFERENCE: 1. Silva MJ.Gibson JA.(1997) Bone 21(2):191-199. 2. Hvid I. (1988) Clin Orthop.227: 210-221. 3. Logins V (1996) Mechanics of Composit.Materials 4:564-573.