Partition by exhaustification: Comments on Dayal 1996

  • Danny Fox


In this paper I argue for a new constraint on questions, namely that a question denotation (a set of propositions) must map to a partition of a Stalnakerian Context-Set by point-wise exhaustification (point-wise application of the function Exh). The presupposition that Dayal attributes to an Answer operator follows from this constraint, if we assume a fairly standard definition of Exh (Krifka, 1995). But the constraint is more restrictive thereby deriving the sensitivity of higher order quantification to negative islands (Spector, 2008). Moreover, when combined with recent proposals about the nature of Exh – designed primarily to account for the conjunctive interpretation of disjunction (e.g. Bar-Lev and Fox, 2017) – Dayal’s presupposition follows only in certain environments. This observation allows for an account of the “mention-some” interpretation of questions that makes specific distributional predictions.
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