Linking scope, exhaustivity and ignorance

  • Tharanga Weerasooriya


This paper accounts for a link between scope and epistemic effects of −hari marked disjunctions/indefinites in Sinhala (Indo Aryan, Sri Lanka) with respect to DPs carrying universal quantificational force. It proposes to derive the wide/narrow scope and related epistemic effects as implicatures by way of exhaustification with respect to alternatives associated with a disjunction/indefinite. A doxastic and an exhaustivity operator placed in the syntactic structure of a −hari disjunction/indefinite construction serve in deriving the implicatures, following the grammatical approach to derivation of implicatures (cf. Fox, 2007; Chierchia et al., 2012; Meyer, 2013; Nicolae, 2017, a.m.o.).
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Weerasooriya, T. (2020). Linking scope, exhaustivity and ignorance. Proceedings of Sinn Und Bedeutung, 24(2), 391-405.