Focus constraints on ellipsis – An unalternatives account


  • Muriel Assmann
  • Daniel Büring
  • Izabela Jordanoska
  • Max Prüller


This paper presents a new account of the generalization that focused elements cannot be elided, framed within Unalternative Semantics, a framework that does away with syntactic F-marking. We propose the mirror image of the generalization: what is elided cannot introduce alternatives. We implement this as a focus restriction in UAS and then go on to show how to account for MAXELIDE effects using the same technique, without making reference to any transderivational constraints.




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Assmann, M., Büring, D., Jordanoska, I., & Prüller, M. (2019). Focus constraints on ellipsis – An unalternatives account. Proceedings of Sinn Und Bedeutung, 22(1), 109–126. Retrieved from