Arbitrary Readings of 3pl Pronominals

  • Patricia Cabredo Hofherr


In the generative literature antecedentless readings of 3pl pronouns have been referred to as arbitrary. The present article argues that antecedentless readings are not a unitary phenomenon and proposes to distinguish 5 types of antecedentless readings for 3pl pronouns. I propose that the antecedentless readings depend on a deficient form of 3pl agreement that allows a non-anaphoric reading and only contributes the feature [+human]. I further propose that the different readings rely on two possible translations of 3pl pronouns combined with different mechanisms of content identification.
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Cabredo Hofherr, P. (2019). Arbitrary Readings of 3pl Pronominals. Proceedings of Sinn Und Bedeutung, 7, 81-94.