Ingredients of a Semantic Theory of Contrastive Topics


  • Beáta Gyuris



The paper investigates four phenomena having to do with the interpretation of Hungarian sentences with contrastive topics (CTs), including the apparent wide scope as well as narrow scope readings of CTs, the lack of interpretations for particular, otherwise well-formed sentences with a CT, and the predictability of collective versus distributive readings for plural NPs in CT position. Some previous theories are reviewed, and claimed to be unable to handle all of the above phenomena simultaneously. The paper argues that the first puzzle should be handled along the lines of Jacobs (1997), the third and the fourth along the lines of Büring (1997), and it proposes a new approach to explain the second one.




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Gyuris, B. (2019). Ingredients of a Semantic Theory of Contrastive Topics. Proceedings of Sinn Und Bedeutung, 8, 123–136.