Domain restriction in freedom of choice: A view from Korean indet-na items


  • Min-Joo Kim
  • Stefan Kaufmann



The Korean Free Choice Items (FCI) nwukwu-na and amwu-na are composed of the indeterminates nwukwu /amwu and the particle -na. These items are particularly interesting from the perspective of the theory of FCI for at least two reasons: First, while both share the general meaning of “free choice,” they exhibit important differences in detail which highlight the multifaceted nature of this category. Second, their relatively transparent morphological structure calls for a compositional analysis which locates the source of the differences between them in the indeterminates nwukwu and amwu and gives a uni?ed analysis to the particle -na. This is a challenge because it means that while the particle is the source of the “free choice-ness” of the compounds, it cannot be held responsible for certain properties that are considered typical of FCI in general, yet are not shared by both nwukwu-na and amwu-na. In this paper, we present an overview of several semantic difference between the items, followed by a formal analysis of some of those differences, speci?cally regarding their implicatures with respect to intensionality and counterfactuality.




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Kim, M.-J., & Kaufmann, S. (2019). Domain restriction in freedom of choice: A view from Korean indet-na items. Proceedings of Sinn Und Bedeutung, 11, 375–389.